Travel apps: Why people need them

The tourism business is built on interaction with the client, providing quality services and solving problems. Customer loyalty is the main “currency” of any travel business.

Quarantine time is a good time to consider carefully how to develop a nice app for traveling. Usually, travel apps are tools for a comfortable and effective interaction between a travel agency and a traveler.

How can it be useful for your business?

First of all, brand awareness increases, positive reviews are collected. Even if the customer uses another company, your travel app will be useful to him/her. You can sell additional services, products and interact with the traveler, even if they are not your customer.

Examples of travel apps

Applications for tourists have their own characteristics, and each is created with its own functionality. The main thing is that such an application is useful for travelers and brings money to the owners. Here are some examples of popular completed projects:

AroundMe. An application that helps a tourist to find attractions, establishments, hotels, and other places in an unknown city. Using geolocation, the application understands where the tourist is and shows all important objects, including ATMs, cinemas, hotels, and restaurants.

MAPS.ME. A very useful application for travel, because there are maps that work without the Internet. It is enough to download them in advance. All locations are displayed, you can build a route, find the desired objects.

Wiffinity. Application for tourists who cannot live without the Internet and do not want to pay for roaming. It is a large database of Wi-Fi hotspots around the world with passwords. By geolocation, the application determines the location of the tourist and offers to connect to the available Internet.

Packpoint. A real tourist assistant. There is a list of things you need to take on your trip, the app will check the weather, remind you of events and places to visit. This is a travel planner.

Travel applications bring tremendous benefits to users, and for owners, they are a tool for additional sales of services and goods, the ability to interact with the client, and be in demand.


  • Why does a travel agency need a mobile application?

It is a customer interaction tool that increases trust, brand awareness and improves communication with the tourist. For employees, the application makes it possible to optimize and speed up work, monitor the quality of service, collect statistics and reports. This helps to improve the performance of the company and bring the business to a new level.

  • What should be the functionality of a mobile application for tourism?

It all depends on the tasks set. You can implement any tools, ranging from a translator and currency converter, to hotel booking tools, viewing statistics and reviews, and connecting maps showing locations. We can implement any tools that the business needs.

  • What determines the cost of a mobile application for tourism?

The cost of an application depends on many factors, including design, the number of implemented tools, the load capacity, the number of administrators, the presence of personal accounts, the connection of third-party services. The more complex the application, the more expensive it costs, but then there is more benefit from it. We will be able to say the detailed price only after preliminary consultation and discussion of the project.