How to learn web programming by yourself. Part 1

Why training plan is so important? Many people wanting to learn web programming make the same mistake. Let’s consider a typical example.

The person firmly decided for himself that he wants to change his current profession and plunge into the fascinating world of programming, especially since the owners of this profession are paid a fairly high salary.

There are a huge number of programming courses on website creation: PHP courses, HTML and CSS courses, Javascript courses, Yii2 courses, MySQL courses, and many others. By the way, these courses can be helpful:

And a beginner, wanting to comprehend all the courses, rushes to make new requests to Google:Download free programming courses on torrents, free PHP courses and other requests. And as a result, he collects on his hard drive, several terabytes of programming courses, and several tens of megabytes of books on creating websites.

Then, newbies start watching one programming course first, without finishing the first one, when it stops working, they switch to another programming course or another technology. And so, jumping from course to course, a “mess” is formed in the head of a beginner in programming.

Someone who does not know the basics of object-oriented programming, immediately downloads courses on Design Patterns or, not knowing the basics of Javascript, tries to study courses on Angular JS.

And sometimes, not realizing that Javascript and Java are completely different languages ​​and have different purposes, he starts watching online courses on Java. And at this stage, they completely give up and they leave the idea of ​​becoming a programmer or put it on the back burner, thinking that learning how to create websites is too difficult for them.